Friday, January 20, 2012

"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass" -- Maya Angelou

I've realized that life is not perfect. It's not going to be perfect. As long as you stay focused on the blessings that you have, you can create your perfect happiness. At 23, it's difficult for me to believe that I live the lifestyle of a 30-something year old. There are days when I feel like I've lost my youth, days where I feel like an old, ugly hag of a woman who will never get her body back, and days where I just want to lay on the couch all day because I feel 'stuck.' Then those days go away. They're replaced by the feelings of overwhelming love for the family that I have. The feelings that a body is just a body and with a little bit of hard work I can get it where I want to be. All is not lost. And it won't be. You only have one life, so kick it's ass and do what you want to do! Here's what I want to do.. realize that it's too short to worry and know that there is no wrong way to live your life. Be happy. Give love. What you come into this world with is all you leave with. Make this one count.

... on that note, I got a [new] tattoo! It's a small anchor on the outside of my inner wrist -- confusing? It's really cute, simple and feminine and I am in LOVE. An anchor is really symbolic to me, it's basically a tribute to my Grandpa. He had an anchor tattoo on his left bicep, and since he recently passed away, I wanted to pay tribute to him and get an anchor on my left arm as well. He means the world to me and every time I would see an anchor I just felt like he was trying to reach out to me, and now I can see one every day :) .. The story of getting my tattoo is pretty funny, to me anyway.. I had been talking about getting it done forever, but I never really found the time to go. One day I was heading out the door to go tanning when my husband joked that "I would probably be coming home with a tattoo.." I basically said yeah right and then realized, why the fuck not?? Again, one life -- if I want to get it done and it means something to me then why not? I headed out to the gym and tanning and on my way home came across a [recommended] tattoo shop, I popped in and was out the door with my new tattoo in about 20 minutes. I love it. I may not recommend getting a tattoo to everyone, but I am just a big believer in doing what you want, when you want -- as long as it doesn't bring harm to anyone else, go for it! Live your own life.

Maya Angelou was right.. life's a bitch, go kick it's ass! ;)

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